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Residential and commercial properties that use water wells as the source of water in the property need a wellhead inspection. To check the functionality of the system.


Routine wellhead inspections can save you a lot of trouble down the road. Whether you are buying or selling a home, or have been using a well on your property regularly for some time, it’s important to get your wellhead inspected to ensure there are no issues with your wellhead and the water in your well.


Reasons to get a Wellhead Inspection Service


1. To ensure that the water is safe for consumption or for other household uses, a routine inspection of the water well system is vital. A proper functioning wellhead protects the water supply from contamination.  At Detail Home Inspection, we can guarantee you that you will only be dealing with certified and highly trained wellhead inspectors.


2. If you are one of those who has a water well system inside your property and maintains a wellhead inspection, you have access to clean, fresh water; you are lucky because you don’t have to pay for a water service in your area.

Another reason to call a certified wellhead inspector is if your well has lost pressure or isn’t pumping water into your home as expected

3. Another reason to call a certified wellhead inspector is if your well has lost pressure or isn’t pumping water into your home as expected, or if there is a discoloration in your water which could be an indication that the water is contaminated and might bring health hazards to the users.


As a professional and knowledgeable wellhead inspection company. We understand the importance of having your wellhead inspected so that you can use your water supply without worry. Have your wellhead inspection performed by a qualified team of experts. From a respected home inspection company like Detail Home Inspection.

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