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termite / wdi inspection in fort worth texas


Every property needs a WDI inspection.  These WDI (wood destroying insects) such as termites, powder post beetles, carpenter bees, wood borers and carpenter ants can harm the people living in the property and not just to the property itself.

At Detail Home Inspection, aside from our variety of home inspection services, we also offer Termite / WDI inspection in Fort Worth Texas area.  By giving an accurate account of a property’s status regarding the past and present damage and activity from wood destroying insects and organisms, property owners are guaranteed to save from greater damage in the future.

We carefully inspect the respective property to determine whether insects have ever infested it or not. Once wood destroying insects are detected, we seek and suggest the best solution on how to eliminate these pests.

Why should a property owner work with Detail Home Inspection for Termite / WDI inspection?

1. It is because we are the best in Termite /  WDI inspection. Having offered WDI inspection service for a long time, it stands out as the best home inspection company that provides WDI inspection in Fort Worth. And due to this long working experience, we know what we are doing.

2. Our Detail Home Inspection property inspectors have the proper training in carrying out comprehensive examination on each property that they checked, giving the owners accurate and precise reports.

3. Our Fort Worth Texas home inspectors can conduct a thorough inspection within 2 to 3 hours at the same time giving you a quality WDI inspection service which can determine the cause of infestation and will recommend the most precise solution.

4. Detail Home Inspection is a licensed home inspection company. Our home inspectors are the best in their field. Each of them has some degree of training to perform a WDI   inspection.

Property owners should choose not to see the cost of a  Termite / WDI inspection but rather the cost that they will be spending in the future due to these insects infestation.

Like wood destroying insects, some areas or system of a property is not often the focus of a home inspection. The septic system, for instance, is less noticeable until a problem occurs.

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